What is Maxwell Coin (MXC)

Maxwell Coin (MXC) is more than just another cryptocurrency. It is a network of projects from different spheres of our life, that allows you in one place:

- Buy goods and services with up to 50% discount from various service providers

- Invest into high yield instruments

- Sell your own goods and services via Maxwell Payment Gateway

- Get income from mining solutions such as BatMiner

- Trade cryptocurrency pairs

and so on. Whatever you use whatever you neither bought or sold, absolutely all deals and communications are carried out without intermediaries, without commissions and without any possibility for the third parties to find out your personal data.

Our mission is not only to combine the key user needs in a single system, but also significantly improve their quality of life, particularly, get rid of financial difficulties.

What is MXC?

Advantages of ABIE

Scalability, Decentralized, High Security, Transparency, Profitability,
Risk free, Ultra Fast, Mobility


Key Differences

The market is overwhelmed with fake projects. Today, investing in tokens, for which there is nothing but beautiful presentations, ideas and plans is not just risky, it becomes a bad tone.

One of the key differences of ABIE is that behind us stands not one, but the whole network of large-scale projects, placed together into a single ecosystem:
- High Yield Deposit Program
- Own Payment System and Payment Gateway Maxwell Wallet
- Exchange Service including buy and sell orders for MXC
- Mining Pool for farms and rigs
- Investment Project Maxwell Capital
- Desktop Multicurrency Wallet
- DEX Echange in Stellar Network
- Internet Shops working with Maxwell Payment Gateway
- International Money Transfer TEMPO

Besides, MXC was developed as a token on base of the well known Stellar system and has all advantafes of this technology!


What you can do with cryptocurrency MXC


Open a deposit in scope of ABIE deposit program. You are charged an additional 100 - 200% of the deposit amount in the form of frozen dividends.

After a certain period of time, you will be able to partially or fully use or cash out this amount for dollars, euros, rubles.


You buy MGC24 services and products for MXC with a discount of up to 50%.

For example, in Maxwell Capital you can buy Optimal package at 30% discount, if you use MXC as the main payment method.


You acquire the MXC token at the current rate and keep it in your crypto wallet under reliable protection.

MXC value is growing, and after a while you sell it at a better price, which can be 2-5-10 and even 1000 times more from the one at which you bought the token.


You pay with MXC all your household or business needs.

For example, buy goods in online shops connected to Maxwell Wallet payment gateway, buy or rent additional mining power in BatMiner, or transfer money to someone else for a product or service


You work on the liquid market that cannot be artificially influenced, as real products and developments stand behind it, and not just beautiful designs or promising business plans.

Trade on DEX exchange services in the Stellar network. Most Stellar wallets have a built-in exchange service, which allows you to easily place a buy and sell orders for MXC.


You can issue a loan to any partner for one or several services that are part of ABIE platform.

The company MGC acts as a guarantor and fully returns the funds plus interest after a certain period of time.