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Virginia Fernandez

Barcelona, Spain
Top 10

Siegfried Bünger

Leipzig, Germany
Top 10

Yurii Tartan

Odessa, Ukraine
Топ 50

Artem Nesterenko

Moscow, Russia
Топ 50

Celina Arrieta

Madrid, Spain
Топ 50

Jack Le Gal

Toulouse, France



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Detailed video presentation from Yurii Tartan.
Maxwell Wallet: Exchange, Withdraw and Deposit
Marketing Webinar from Virginia Fernandez.
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Marketing Overview

Business in absolutely new format using fiat money and also cryptocurrency - Bitcoin

Innovative binary marketing plan based on indivisible matrices

We use an innovative matrix system having no analogues in the world and forcing rapid development of partner structure. This project has its own payment institute, payment processors: Qiwi, Visa / Mastercard , Advanced Cash, PAYEER, Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and many others.           Thanks to breakthrough technologies and a competent strategy for increasing the company's capitalization, you can confidently build your business, making a profit over the years!

Maxwell Group provides the ability to work with various currency types, as well as with cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. You can pay with bitcoins using an online wallet, make a profit exclusively in cryptocurrency at the current rate. This way we guarantee the safety and value of your contribution, while completely minimizing the risks.

Each business package consists of two or three 7-seat binary matrices. Absolutely all matrices consist of three levels:            the first level is you, the second level are your directs, i.e. your personally invited two partners, and the third level - referrals of your directs.            Each partner sees himself at the top of his matrix.

The sequential completion of elite packages increases partner's total income up to 250.000 euros. The company uses partner investments to carry out exchange operations and to obtain its own income. As soon as a partner accumulates at least 50.000 euros in his wallet in Maxwell Wallet payment system, he may buy a real estate object from our European partners. This way is more convenient, the required amount is transferred directly to seller's account without any fees.



Thanks to breakthrough technologies and a competent strategy for increasing the company's capitalization, you can confidently build your business, making a profit over the years!

Create a solid financial base with Maxwell Group Consulting Ltd. (MGC24). The company provides outstanding business services: Maxwell Wallet - a payment service for managing your finances, Maxwell Capital - an investment service for increasing your capital. Attention! Since December 1, 2017, Maxwell Group Consulting has integrated Bitcoin as an additional currency for all its services. All new partners may pay and receive their profits in cryptocurrency. All income in Capital will be calculated on the basis of the initial entry fee. This action will allow the partner to increase their profits and make the financial contributions more protected from currency fluctuations.

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MGC is a marketing consulting company with the focus on exchange and trading services. The company works with single clients and business communities to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

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